Bästa hotellen

De bästa inte, bara de bästa!

January 28, 2015 Bästa Hotel, hotell, konferens

An Englishman in Stockholm

To visit Stockholm is a pleasure for the Brits! It is clear that there are many other nationalities who loves Stockholm as well but I think it’s something special regarding the British.

If you’re wondering why, just ask anyone in England who has visited Stockholm! There is a simple reason why it is like that! In my opinion, for the simple reason that almost everyone speaks English and the Swedes love people who speak English with a British accent!

Okay, I also know that there might be almost as many Swedes who love the American accent, but even I myself prefer the English accent more than the American one!

I think there are certainly many other reasons why people in general like to visit Sweden. One can be the most magnificent hotels Stockholm has to offer its visitors.

For example, the clarion hotels. The number of visitors to Stockholm has multiplied in recent years and therefore the question has become even more relevant.Now the question is, what do you think?

Feel free to come up with some suggestions so we’ll see if there are more reasons why people are so fond of Stockholm! Have a nice trip! 😉